History of the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society

The North End Community Gardening Association (NECGA) was founded as a registered non-profit organization in 1999, in order to promote urban agriculture and community development.

In 2008 the association was renamed the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society.


Following a period of expansion, in 2011 the two gardening sites, Gorsebrook and Prescott, each became an independent registered non-profit organization. The Prescott site became the Prescott Community Gardens, and the Gorsebrook site became PUGS (the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society).


The name was changed to the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society in order to reflect the location of the Gorsebrook and Prescott gardening sites, situated on the Halifax peninsula.


* Establishment of the Gorsebrook Community Gardens in the South End of Halifax.
Continuation of the Home Garden Project. Gardens were established in a further ten homes and organizations in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).


* Beginning of the Home Garden Project project. Four homes in HRM took part in the initial stage.

* Official opening of the Prescott Street Garden site.
* Partnership formed with Halifax Adult Services Centre.
* Water supply established.
* Tomatoes grown for Plant Gene Resources Canada (PGRC).

* Two new sets of terraces excavated and constructed on the original Brunswick Street site.
* Water supply connection installed.
* Planting of trees and shrubs throughout the site.
* Two students hired for a two-month work term through the Nova  Scotia Youth Conservation Corps.
* Youth Corps workers host gardening workshops with St. George's YouthNet and the George Dixon Centre day camps.

* Gardeners expand and build a third terrace on the original Brunswick Street site, with help from the North End Youth Zone.
* DalTech's Faculty of Architecture begins construction of a 3000-liter cistern and rainfall catchment system.
* Formation of the North End Community Gardening Association (NECGA) in December and incorporation under the Nova Scotia Societies Act.

* Halifax Regional Municipality approves construction of a community garden in Murray Warrington Park (Brunswick & Gerrish Streets).
* Community members in the North End form the Community Garden Task Force.
* The Task Force designs and builds two garden terraces, which are farmed throughout the summer by local gardeners.


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