History of the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society

The North End Community Gardening Association (NECGA) was founded as a registered non-profit organization in 1999, in order to promote urban agriculture and community development.

In 2008 the association was renamed the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society.


Following a period of expansion, in 2011 the two gardening sites, Gorsebrook and Prescott, each became an independent registered non-profit organization. The Prescott site became the Prescott Street Community Garden, with its own website: www.prescott.chebucto.org


The name was changed to the Peninsula Urban Gardens Society in order to reflect the location of the Gorsebrook and Prescott gardening sites, situated on the Halifax peninsula.


* Establishment of the Gorsebrook Community Gardens in the South End of Halifax.
Continuation of the Home Garden Project. Gardens were established in a further ten homes and organizations in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).


* Beginning of the Home Garden Project project. Four homes in HRM took part in the initial stage.

* Official opening of the Prescott Street Garden site.
* Partnership formed with Halifax Adult Services Centre.
* Water supply established.
* Tomatoes grown for Plant Gene Resources Canada (PGRC).

* Two new sets of terraces excavated and constructed on the original Brunswick Street site.
* Water supply connection installed.
* Planting of trees and shrubs throughout the site.
* Two students hired for a two-month work term through the Nova  Scotia Youth Conservation Corps.
* Youth Corps workers host gardening workshops with St. George's YouthNet and the George Dixon Centre day camps.

* Gardeners expand and build a third terrace on the original Brunswick Street site, with help from the North End Youth Zone.
* DalTech's Faculty of Architecture begins construction of a 3000-liter cistern and rainfall catchment system.
* Formation of the North End Community Gardening Association (NECGA) in December and incorporation under the Nova Scotia Societies Act.

* Halifax Regional Municipality approves construction of a community garden in Murray Warrington Park (Brunswick & Gerrish Streets).
* Community members in the North End form the Community Garden Task Force.
* The Task Force designs and builds two garden terraces, which are farmed throughout the summer by local gardeners.


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